1000TPD Iron Ore Crushing Production Line in Thailand

Mine - 1000TPD Iron Ore Crushing Production Line in Thailand

Background of the project

Company: Sumthong mining

Customer service object: personal use

Finished product standard: 0-15mm, 15-25mm

Process flow

The bulk iron ore is transported evenly through the vibrating feeder to the jaw crusher for primary crushing. After the broken iron ore conveyor belt into the cone crusher for the second break, the broken iron ore into the circular vibrating screen screening. After the screening of large pieces of iron ore again into the cone crusher for crushing. Eventually meet the 0-15mm, 15-25mm iron ore.

Device configuration advantages

Jaw crusher with traditional design principles, with a simple structure, easy operation, the advantages of stable performance can be used for a variety of hard stone and brittle stone. Jaw crusher core material selection of ultra-high manganese steel, high crushing efficiency, energy saving 15% -30%. Extend the life of the core parts, downtime maintenance time is shorter.

Cone crusher using PLC electrical system, continuous detection of crusher operating conditions, real-time understanding of the operation of the crusher. Easy to operate, more secure. High carrying capacity, transmission performance, low noise, reliable wear, long service life. High crushing efficiency, strong production capacity.