Cone Crusher

Crusher - Cone Crusher

Using the classic structure design, stable and reliable performance

Spring cone crusher in a variety of environments reliable performance, we designed a high-efficiency spring cone crusher, retains the classic structure, can guarantee the reliability of the equipment.

There are two models to choose from

We have two kinds of high-efficiency spring cone crusher, each type of equipment size, can destroy the various hardness of the material, usually as a secondary crushing equipment.

The use of hydraulic systems, the operation more simple

High-efficiency spring cone crusher with hydraulic system, customers can easily complete the adjustment and maintenance of the outlet.

High performance alloy steel spring, effective protection crusher safety

We installed 16 high performance alloy steel springs on a high-efficiency spring cone crusher, effectively protecting the crusher.

Simple structure, long service life

Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is simple and reliable, and can meet different crushing requirements. Simple operation, easy maintenance, long service life.

Gravel particles are good

Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher product shape for the cube structure, equipment production capacity and work efficiency greatly improved.

Fully automated control system

Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher with automatic control system, and provides manual control, real-time understanding of equipment operation.

Large capacity, high efficiency

Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher maximum production capacity of 2130 tons per hour, to ensure efficient production.

PLC control system, easy to operate

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher with PLC electrical system, which can continuously detect the operation of the crusher, real-time understanding of the operation of the crusher. Easy to operate, more secure.

The equipment is stable and quiet

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher with high carrying capacity, transmission performance, low noise, reliable wear, long service life.

Laminated crushing principle, finished particles perfect

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher using the principle of laminated broken, finished sand was cubic.

High crushing efficiency, strong production capacity

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is 5% -15% higher than the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, and the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is 35% -60% higher than the spring cone crusher.

Cone crusher can medium crush and fine crush all kinds of stone and sand. We are able to provide efficient spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher. High-efficiency spring cone crusher to introduce foreign technology, according to customer demand design. Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher will be mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation, intelligent control technology into one. Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is easy to operate, mainly used for metal mines, construction and gravel processing in the second crushing stage and the third stage of crushing.

Feed size: ≦369mm(spring cone crusher)    ≦560mm(single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher)    ≦350mm(multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher)

Production capacity: 27-1400Ton / hour(spring cone crusher)    27-2130Ton / hour(single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher)    50-1200Ton / hour (multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher)

Application: sand and gravel field, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing plant, dry mortar, power plant desulfurization, quartz sand, etc.

Material: river pebbles, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz stone, diabase, iron ore, gold mine, copper mine, etc.

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