Beneficiation Production Line

Complete - Beneficiation Production Line

Beneficiation production line is mainly used for the extraction of metal in the ore, it is an important part of industrial production. Mineral beneficiation has three main processes: broken sieve process, grinding sieve powder process, concentrated filtration and drying dehydration process.

beneficiation production line

Mineral processing plant production process:

The ore is first crushed by jaw crusher, cone crusher, etc., after crushing to a reasonable fineness, the vibrating feeder is evenly fed into the mill. After the mill grinding the ore need to use the spiral classifier for grading. After fractionation of the mineral mixture and then through magnetic separator for magnetic separation, which can be separated from the magnetic material and non-magnetic substance. After the magnetic separation of minerals containing a lot of water, must be concentrated through the concentrator, and then dried by the dryer, you can get dry minerals.

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