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Quarry Crusher - K Series Mobile Crushers
29 / Nov

Quarry Crusher - K Series Mobile Crushers

Companies involved in quarrying and mining would often have a quarry crusher that takes care of the different construction materials that are meant to produce buildings, roads, footpaths, and bridges. The raw materials derived and used to produce such come from the different extracted materials which are often through the quarry process and these stones normally go through several stages and processes.

Let’s go further into the discussion of how the quarry crusher works and how the quarrying process takes place. According to experts, the process involves a three-dimensional survey of the quarry face where explosives are plotted and designed by the engineer to ensure the safety of the people within the area. The engineer would need to survey the area to check if there are any bulges or hollows in the face. Hollow areas would require less explosive than normal. Explosives are placed and planned to ensure that the required fragmentation is achieved with minimal or no impact on the environment.

Once the explosives are set, the site is then cleared and then the remaining boulders are then carried over to the quarry crusher. A single blast is said to have somewhat around 60,000 tons of rock fragments left behind which is then grinded with the use of the quarry crusher but the grinding of the said rocks is often set later.

Crushing can be done in three or four stages, primary (first stage), secondary (second stage), tertiary (third stage) and, in some quarries, a quaternary (fourth stage). There are different types and designs of quarry crushers depending on the purpose and need.

K Series Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant. This quarry crusher provides a different business opportunity for quarry operators with its incorporated design that is mounted on a truck that allows easy mobility and transport to different quarry locations. Since it is mounted on a truck it also comes with support legs on the truck which makes it easier to set-up.

K Series Mobile Impact Crushing Plant. This quarry crusher is also mounted on a truck just like the previous one but then, the machine is bigger and can accommodate more rocks than the K Series Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant.

K Series Mobile Cone Crushing Plant. The same as the previous two crushers, this also comes mounted on the truck, with support legs making it easier to set-up and transport to different areas and locations.

The process of crushing all other remaining rocks would often go through the jaw crusher. From the description of the equipment itself, it has moving plates that is kept in motion by a large flywheel, thereby giving a “jaw” effect. The rock is placed at the top and the processed and crushed rocks falls at the bottom.

The output from the crusher is then conveyed into a stockpile and is then fed to the secondary crusher. After the stones pass through the secondary crusher, it is filtered in a screen house where larger stones are then eliminated and passed into the final crushing stage.

The second and third quarry crusher are often gyratory or cone crushers which operate on the principle of a steel mantle mounted on an eccentric bearing and vertically shaft assemble. This allows for finer crushing of the rocks until everything is now turned into the finished product.

By Thomson