What are some industrial uses for crushers

Other - What are some industrial uses for crushers

What are some industrial uses for crushers
05 / Jan

What are some industrial uses for crushers

A crusher is a machine that helps in reducing the size of larger materials like rocks and gravels into smaller rocks or rock dust etc. Various types of crushers are used in various industrial applications

  • Use of crushers in mining industry

Crushers commonly used for mining operations are categorised according to the degree they can break the initial materials to be used in other industrial processes. Some of these crushers are also used for handling materials with rough texture whereas some are used for reducing coarse particles into fine particles. These crushers are designed according to the type and size of materials they have to crush for further use. Sometimes crushed materials are milled for crushing them if their size has to be reduced further for proper use. Sometimes stones are larger enough to be crushed in a crusher then a rockbreaker is used to reduce their size suitable for the crusher. If you need finer particles then the materials crushed by the crusher can be grinded in a grinder.


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  • Use of crushers in recycling industry

Crushers can also be used in recycling industry to reduce the size of solid waste materials so that they can be processed further or disposed of easily. After crushing the waste materials they can be differentiated easily as per their composition so that they can be disposed of as per their quality and processing methods. Crushers use mechanically amplified force to break the strongly bonded molecules of the materials to break them into smaller portions as required for recycling them to make a new usable material.

  • Use of crushers in food processing industry

In food processing industry crushers handle wide range of materials like carbonates, sugars, cereals, crackers, salts and starches. Some of them are also used for processing frozen items including wax, vegetables, candies, ice, chocolate blocks, bones, pastas, pretzels, resins, spices, powdered foods, chemicals, dry wall, clay, minerals, shale, glass and other materials to be used for various purposes. The rotary crushers used in food processing industry come in various designs and sizes depending upon the speed of their rotor required for particular purpose. For making uniform granules of the edible materials like powdered foods low power crushers are required where as for crushing frozen items, minerals and recycled materials high power crushers are required. Similarly crushers with various rotating speeds are used according to the type of materials to be crushed.

  • Use of crushers in Chemical industry

Today various types of crushing equipment are developed and updated to meet the requirements of various industries including chemical industry. They are used to crush hard materials like coke, slag, coal, limestone and ores to process them further to make usable chemicals. These chemicals can be used in various industries including metallurgical, cement, and power etc. as per their requirement.

  • Use of crushers in construction industry

The increasing demand in housing industry has increased construction of buildings all over the world. In order to construct these buildings various types of crushers are used to provide building materials as required by the construction industry.


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