Mining engineering is a good choice for financial benefits and future opportunities

Culture - Mining engineering is a good choice for financial benefits and future opportunities

Mining engineering is a good choice for financial benefits and future opportunities
11 / Jan

Mining engineering is a good choice for financial benefits and future opportunities

Mining engineering is a type of engineering discipline which studies the science behind the minerals. It also involves the application of advanced technology to the process of mineral extraction from earth’s surface and crust. It is a combination of other engineering disciplines such as metallurgy, mineral processing, geology, surveying and geotechnical engineering. The discipline of mining engineering deals with different types of mining operations such as exploration, discovery of mineral resources, Feasibility study of extraction process, design of mines, planning and development of mines, production and refining of minerals and smooth operations.

Mining has played a significant role in the improvement of human conditions from the prehistoric times to the modern days. People in the ancient days have used ceramics and stones and then learnt to extract metals from ores. They created utilities of metals used in various purposes such as kitchen, hunting etc. metals were also used for manufacturing of weapons and tools of different sizes. In Switzerland, the world’s oldest mine “lion cave “is available which is dated to around 43,000 years old. This shows that mining as a profession has survived for thousands of years and will survive in future for thousands of years.


Since the process of mineral extraction can cause environmental problems, mining engineers are also involved in the risk mitigation of environmental issues. Since mining engineering is a complex profession, there is high demand for the mining engineers in the job market. Hence it is financially rewarding and offers future opportunities to the student pursuing mining engineering.

Jobs in mining engineering grow at a rate of 10% and there is ample opportunity for the people interested in making a career out of it. Salaries in mining engineering depends on how complex the job is, what are the skills required, location of the mine and whether the organization is multinational company or not. Also cost of living, remoteness of the location from cities also needs to be taken into considerations as mines are generally located in isolated locations from residential areas. Mining engineers also enjoy high salaries than other professionals. Their average salary is around 90,000 $. There are around 7000 professional available in this profession

One of the main responsibilities of a mining engineer is to design highly safe mines which also operate at peak efficiencies. The minerals may be various types including coal, aluminum, chromium etc. They also make sure that the mineral resources are extracted in the best possible manner so that there is no waste. Most mining engineers specialize in a particular type of mineral e.g. coal, iron etc. They are also responsible for finding out new mineral deposits and generally collaborate with geologists. They create systems and processes which help them operate run the mine with speed and process high output. They are also responsible for creating industry best practices, inspection and maintenance of equipments, monitor air quality and compliance of safety practices for the workers.

Nowadays, Mining is developing new technologies which can enable humans to mine comets and astronomical rocks in space for the rare minerals not available in earth. The future of mining engineering is exciting and interesting and it aims to explore and identify new minerals in moon and mars etc. it is one of the best times to opt for mining as a profession which has so much exciting possibilities for future and also financially rewarding.

By karengombo