5 Signs You Should Invest In Quarry

Culture - 5 Signs You Should Invest In Quarry

5 Signs You Should Invest In Quarry
06 / Dec

5 Signs You Should Invest In Quarry

What is quarry mining, what materials can be produced and why you should invest in the industry?

If you are thinking of investing money in the industry with the great potential than quarry mining can be a perfect option for you. Quarry is a huge man-made deep pit where different materials and rocks can be taken out. Several expensive and highly needed materials can be found in quarries, depending on their location. These materials are: Cinder, Chalk, China Clay, Coal, Granite, Phosphate rock, Sandstone, Slate limes and etc. All of them are very important for construction industry. Thus, quarries are often associated with process plants the most important of which are ready-mixed-concrete plants and coating plants that produce asphalt and bituminous road-making materials, cement and the lime burning kilns, concrete block & pipe works, brick works and pottery work and plaster/plasterboard factories.Construction companies can not operate without materials taken out from quarries. Quarry business is very popular all over the world, especially in countries of Africa, US and Europe and Southeast Asian countries and in these countries the industry grows very rapidly. If these information is not convincing enough, here are a few more reasons why you should seriously consider investing in a quarry business, if you haven’t already.

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Materials taken out from quarries are essential for construction business, so they are always in the high demand.

Investing in the quarry business means investing in industry which will always be in demand. For example in 2004, the total production of granite and sand by means of quarrying in Nigeria was about 15 million tonnes and the demand was 16.2 million tonnes which means a gap in supply worth of 1.2 million tons. Same can be said about the international market of granite sand and rock. The product could be sold locally or exported out of the country with over 200 percent return on investment. There is a big demand for granite and other materials taken out from the quarries in huge quantities. Every new infrastructure project, roads and bridges require these materials. Investing in quarry business means having products that can be easily sold if finding the right customer anywhere in the world. You can invest in sand quarries, rock quarries, granite quarries and other types of quarries. Choose investing in quarry which produces materials that are in the high demand in your area or in the area it is operating.

Big investment, Big revenue.

Mostly, Investing in the quarry business requires access to the large capital. But if you have the opportunity to invest big amount of money, than this can be the great option for you. Buying quarry can be the most profitable option if you are ready to spend enough on it. The price of a quarry can range from $1 million to several millions of dollars. Before you decide to buy a quarry you should consider its location as transportation of products taken out from it can cost more than mining process itself. Some companies offer professional services to help you with this decision(such as: SBM). Remember it is a long term investment, but after some time profit gained from your investment will be very high. If you do not want to buy the quarry but you still have an access to the big capital you can become a partner in already existing quarrying industry. The amount of investment needed to become a partner starts from $50 000 and increases up to $1 million depending on size of your share and size of the quarry itself.

Don’t have an access to the big capital? You can still invest in quarry business and gain reasonable profit from it.

Buying your own quarry is very expensive and surely, not everyone can afford it. However, you can still invest in this field and gain profit without an access to the big capital. As quarry business became very popular, owners started searching medium and small scale investors and developed innovative projects and opportunities for them. Here are some examples of low-cost investments in quarry business. Sand quarry near Moscow, Russia offers SandCoins for medium and small scale investor. SandCoin is an equivalent of one cubic meters of sand in the quarry. If you own, let's say, 3 SandCoins it means that you own 3 cubic meters of send in the quarry you are inverting. According to the team, you can buy SandCoins for just $1,25-1,35. It is fully up to you to decide how many SandCoins you would like to buy. You can sell or exchange your SandCoins any time. This is only one example, many other companies all over the world prove such opportunity.

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Some government make quarry industry their priority, what can be safer?

In the modern world, it is very problematic to find a safe industry for investing money. When choosing the business to invest in you should find out more about the company’s revenue, financial background, operations and so on. Investing in quarrying industry of African countries, like Nigeria, can be safe and highly profitable at the same time. Making Nigerian mining competitive means government and private sector have to share the responsibility of investing in key drivers of success. The government itself guarantees and searches for the funds and investors for the quarrying business. But except of big scale investors, African quarrying business seeks for medium and small scale partners and investors too. Just like Russian quarrying industries did, African companies also have investing opportunities beginning from just $100. This option is not capital intensive and it is safe. The industry has been developing without big unexpected problems. Quarrying companies in Africa offer guidelines and online consultations for investors and partners, they provide with all necessary information to help you with your investment, including business plan for beginners.

Invest in quarrying and mining stocks as a hedge against inflation.

One more reason why investing in quarrying can be safer than investing in other industries. Investing in quarrying and mining stocks can be a hedge against inflation, which is a huge advantage for many of us. There are several experienced and reliable companies that provide professional assistance in investing in quarry industry, like Quarry Capital and Pit&Quarry and others.

And last but not the least, investing in quarrying industry can make you the boss of your own business and provide you with reasonable profit and revenue. It is tempting to see a quarry as an undesirable, useless hole in the ground’ but we need our quarrying industry to supply us with vital materials like sand, rock and granite for our economy and infrastructure.

By Santa-Cruzz